Earth Day Design Kgrenier

April 22 is Earth Day — An annual event celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for protecting and conserving our environment. Earth Day started in 1970 and is now coordinated by the Earth Day Network.  Their motto:  “Changing the world starts by changing your own little corner of it“.


So that brings me to dishwashers and camping…what?  Well, it takes one hour for my dishwasher to run on the shortest cycle available for use.  Mmmm.…that’s a LOT of energy.  So I headed back to my roots (years of backpacking) and started pretending I’m camping (but in the comfort of my home).  All I have is what’s in my backpack…well, what I pulled out of the cupboard for the day!

Here are my 4 easy home-camping ideas to save energy and celebrate Earth Day:

  1. Take out one bowl, plate, spoon, knife, fork, coffee mug and water glass for the entire day.  After each use, give it a quick wash/rinse and set out to dry on the counter to be reused throughout the day.  (BTW, these dish drying mats are awesome!).
  2. One cloth napkin for the week.  We posted about this awhile back and it works great for our family!
  3. In the evening, dim the lights or light candles.  Save even more electricity and enjoy the ambience!
  4. Make a commitment to not use single-use plastic bags or plastic wrap.  Store your veggies in Planet Wise bags, use Flip & Tumble produce bags to buy/transport fruits and veggies from the store, cover those leftovers with Charles Viancin covers, and wrap that 1/4 stick of unused butter in Abeego wrap.  So many great products…great options!

Earth Day Plastic Alternatives

So please join me in celebrating Earth Day!  Let’s change one corner of our own homes by a few simple actions to demonstrate that we care about protecting and conserving the Earth’s resources!

Photo Credits:  Earth Day Design (top photo) by Katie Grenier; Colorful dishes in dishwasher by Andrea Castille/David Locke; Collage of ecofriendly reusable products by Katie Grenier.



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