Ever hear the saying: “You don’t get something for nothing”?  That might be true for sunscreens!  Sunscreen protects us from the sun’s harmful rays, but one study found that sunscreens potentially play an important role in ocean coral bleaching in areas prone to high levels of recreational use by humans.


Citing this research, Caitlin Kauffman provides 5 eco-conscious sunscreens for outdoor adventures.  She writes: “Some sunscreens contain chemicals that can be harmful when they wash off in rivers and oceans and have been reported as agents in coral bleaching and can be absorbed by fish.  The sunscreens on our list are chemical-free, protect against both UVA (skin cancer-causing) and UVB (sunburn) rays and are all under $25.  They are designed to screen those of us that spend all day in the sun, and are extra creamy because of all the zinc, which replaces nasty ingredients.”


Folks who reviewed her article had varying opinions about “chemical free”, zinc, and other things.  Like I said, you don’t get something for nothing!  But, check out her 5 products and see which sunscreens your local natural product store offers.  As we  continue to educate ourselves and strive to make eco friendly choices, our actions and purchases can make a difference!


Photo Credits:  Ocean beach by Trish Hartmann; Sunscreen sign by Alex Liivet




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