Ecofriendly wedding

Wedding season is here!  Did you know the average cost of a wedding is $30,000?  Wow!  Who can afford that?  We certainly couldn’t!  So, when Nikki and Chase got married (one year ago), we looked for ways to save money.  And, low and behold, our creative ways of cutting costs also resulted in a more eco-friendly wedding!  If you’re tying the knot or proud parents of a soon-to-be-married couple, here are 5 eco-friendly ways to cut the budget:

1. Purchase mis-matched stainless steel flatware from thrift stores and garage sales.  It would have cost us $350 to rent silverware; instead we spent $70, involved friends and family in the great “Wedding Silverware Treasure Hunt”, and passed on our silverware bounty to a young couple getting married this summer (who pledges to pass it on to the next wedding).  Reduce, reuse, recycle at its best!

2.  Thrift store shop for old bottles and jars for flower vases and table decorations.  The funkier the better!


Photo by Mirannda Holmes

3.  Reuse natural items for table decorations.  We put out the word we were seeking wood pieces for table runners.  Turns out a friend had just dismantled an old llama barn!  He gave us beautiful old planks of barn wood. Score!


Photo by John Hutmacher

4.  Reuse mason jars as candle holders and vases.  Who doesn’t love mason jars?  The jar with oh, so many uses!

5.  Do your own flower decorations.  Nikki bought dried lavendar from a farm that frequents the weekly Missoula Farmer’s Market,  we collected sagebrush and bought sunflowers in bulk.  Friends will be happy to cut stems, fill vases, and decorate the tables.  Save money, feel good, go local!  Win-win!


Photo by Mirannda Holmes

So, that’s our story.  Huffington Post writes: “…as we become more eco-consicious, a green wedding goes hand in hand with the idea of marriage”.  Citing Katie Harrison, the author of The Green Bride Guide: “It’s about a long-term sustainable future together…”.  Now that’s an eco-friendly way to view one of the biggest days of your life!  Consider our 5 ideas and here’s a few more to help you on this eco-friendly path: 10 Tips to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding and Green Weddings: 6 Eco-Friendly Wedding Reception Ideas.  Happy Anniversary, Chase and Nikki!



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