Photo Credit: Tubtrug

With the days getting longer, there is the tiniest hint of spring in the air! Enough to make me grab a TubTrug and start cleaning out my garden. I love my Tubtrugs! I have two for the garden – one I use for mixing garden and potting soil, one for weeding, but I also use them for carrying small loads of straw to replenish my small chicken coop. And, I have one that I use for a laundry basket! Tubtrugs come in a variety of sizes; the large (10.5 gallon) size is my favorite one. They are flexible (yet very strong), durable, colorful, frost and UV-proof, and made of a food-grade certified plastic. These things are virtually indestructible!

What really makes TubTrugs so great is that they are molded in one big piece; no parts, no rope handles, or screws, or other weak materials. The handles on tubtrugs are large enough that they won’t hurt your palms or break away. They are literally strong enough to fill completely with dirt or rocks and drag around your yard. You really can’t have enough of em’.

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