I’m taking a class at the University of Montana called Intro to Environmental Law where we have been learning the history of environmental issues in the United States. It has been so fascinating learning about how Americans have come together to help save the natural wonders that we are so lucky to have here.

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Photo Credit: Cliff

Today’s post is a tribute to one of the pioneers of preservation and conservation of some of the true gems of wild America: John Muir. Rather than write out a whole bio, I think photos and quotes can sum up this legendary man. He was fearless in his efforts and his accomplishments will be known for generations to come.

Photo Credit: Rock Charles

Photo Credit: Rock Charles

A quote from my textbook, “The dominant personality of the “preservationist” movement was a remarkable Scot named John Muir. Like Thoreau, Muir celebrated the presence of the divine in wilderness. It was not trite for him to proclaim that forests were temples on earth and mountains their steeples . . . He was the first great public defender of wilderness for its own sake. When asked what a rattlesnake is good for, Muir famously replied, ‘It is good for itself.'”

Muir was the founder of the Sierra Club and he has a 210 mile trail and a wilderness area named after him in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. What a legacy.

If you want your life to be changed, read this: John Muir: Nature Writings: The Story of My Boyhood and Youth; My First Summer in the Sierra; The Mountains of California

Photo Credit: Bart Everson

Photo Credit: Bart Everson

John Muir

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