twig candle holder

Want an easy, fun gift for family and friends? A twig candle holder brings the outdoors into your home. Being as this is Eco Friendly Pursuit, this can also be an opportunity for nature watching and sharing the beauty of nature with others! This also makes a fun pen holder for your desk! Supplies: Glass Read More →

non gmo

We mentioned GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) as one of seven foods that are bad for the environment. We could write a book about this important issue. Many commercial GMOs are plants that have been genetically engineered to withstand direct application of herbicide so that large farms can spray to kill weeds without harming their target Read More →

kitchen sink smoothie

Like the kitchen sink veggie stir fry, I love to make a “Kitchen Sink Smoothie”! Don’t worry about the color of this healthy, nutritious smoothie – just focus on the fact that you’ll easily get the daily recommended amount of healthy and nutritious fruits and veggies (likely even more!) and you’ll save money (and ultimately Read More →

bulk foods sack

Buying in bulk is a great idea for reducing waste. But I still found myself putting bulk items, like beans, rice and lentils, in a plastic bag just to get them home. Not anymore – thanks to a cool bag available at Whole Foods! This bulk bag has a fine enough weave to even hold Read More →