Buying in bulk is a great idea for reducing waste. But I still found myself putting bulk items, like beans, rice and lentils, in a plastic bag just to get them home. Not anymore – thanks to a cool bag available at Whole Foods! This bulk bag has a fine enough weave to even hold flour! It weighs 0.7 oz. which is taken off the total weight of your item by the cashier so you don’t pay for that extra weight!

make bulk habit

Turns out that a textile artist and clothing designer from Canada, Morgan Bardati, also saw the need for an alternative to throw-away plastic bags when buying bulk food and designed lightweight, strong, washable and reusable bags to hold nuts, grains, flour, spices, herbs, dried fruit and produce. Her Kootsac bulk food bags are available in ripstop nylon or 100% natural silk and weigh as must as a plastic bag (i.e., very lightweight).

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Thanks to a few creative people for options that help us live more eco-friendly! Another small, but very important step towards reducing waste!

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