Let me start this off by telling you straight up that “Commuters” are the coolest. Bike commuters that is. If further clarification is needed: people who ride their bikes to work/school/town/errands/etc. They do this basically every day of the year . . . and they like it!

bike commute 1

Photo Credit: jeff attaway

I am a bike commuter. However, I do live in Montana so there are some days, usually when the roads are a sheet of ice or the temperatures are below zero, when I don’t commute. I know, I know, I’m not that hardcore. I do my best.

I don’t want to sound snooty but MORE people, especially Americans, need to start riding their bikes. Europe is WAY ahead of us with some large metropolitan cities boasting of 80% bike commuters! That blows my mind. And with the health/weight problems we have here, I believe bike commuting can go a REALLY long way towards solving that problem. It is a wonderful way to burn a few calories, twice a day, AND save loads of money on gas. AND save the planet by decreasing consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels. Are you interested now?

bike commuter final 1

Photo Credit: tim lucas, Baudman

Furthermore, bike commuting is great because of all the sweet gear you get to buy. Why is spending a lot of money so sweet? Because it is for a great cause. Guilt free purchases are the best.

The basics:

If you have a decent bike already, use it. But make sure it has four things mounted on: front light, rear flashing light, bike lock, and water/rain guards so water doesn’t fly up and hit you in the face and muddy your clothes. That is, unless you live in a warm climate where it never rains.

It’s also a very good idea to wear a helmet. While it does mess up your hair and you don’t look quite as cool, it’s worth it. Nobody wants to see your brains on the street. Sorry for the morbidity; it’s just common sense. To make up for the unstylish helmet, get yourself one of those really hipster commuter/messenger bags to fit in with all the other commuters.

bike commuter 4

How sexy must this guy be when he’s on his bike with this messenger bag? And all that cool stuff. Photo Credit: David Childers

Another awesome perk: when you cruise by other bike commuters, you get to give them “the wave.” It’s a great bonding moment, ‘hey you, ya I see you, you commuter you. You are pretty swell too.’ That’s what will go through your mind, I swear.

So basically, just make it happen. Watch your booty fall off, save the planet and it’s precious resources, and save a lot of money while you are at while (after you make your initial purchases).

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