Canned black beans are a wonderful convenience for on-the-go vegetarians. But, if you have a crockpot, there is nothing so delicious, easy and satisfying as making home-cooked black beans. They not only taste great but you can control the amount of salt, which is a bonus for those watching their sodium intake. Home cooked black beans freeze well, so make a batch, freeze in containers, and enjoy for weeks to come!

black beans

Photo Credit: Krossbow

We soak them for 24 hours (yes, 24 hours), which helps make them easy to digest even for those with touchy stomachs. So, I soak the beans in the morning, put beans in crockpot the following morning, and we have beans that evening and for the rest of the the week!

black beans

Photo Credit: Robert Huffstutter

I modified a recipe from Cafe Johnsonia. She has the best photos and recipe I’ve found because I like her ingredients, even though I have been forgetting to put bay leaves in my crockpot! Next time I will. And I add seasonings towards the end (cumin, chili powder, salt) but it’s not necessary. Hope you enjoy!

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