Who’s watching out for wildlife across the globe? World Wildlife Fund is! When I told a friend I renewed my WWF membership, he mused that I must love panda bears.  I do and, yes, the Giant panda is WWF’s logo…but this organization does lots more…they climb global mountains (so to speak)!   Big job!  WWF tackles Read More →


Our mountain is waiting — we can all make a difference to preserve our environment! We hope you will join us this week and pledge to do one (even just one) random act of environmental kindness. One more small step toward a more eco-friendly life…. A few ideas to get us on our way: 1. Read More →


Winter is a whole lot more fun when you take the time to enjoy fun stuff like snowshoeing! Like running (February 13th post), snowshoeing is another eco-friendly sport because it’s powered by YOU and not reliant on fossil fuels or destroying the natural environment. Apart from just getting out into the wild for some good Read More →

plant a tree

In November 2006, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Nairobi, Kenya, launched a campaign to plant a billion trees in a single year. The Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign was intended to encourage people and organizations everywhere to take small but practical steps to reduce global warming. An important part of Read More →