Seeking an inexpensive gift for my financially poor (student) daughter to give to friends this Christmas, we came up with this idea!  In 2013, a friend dismantled an old llama barn and kindly gave us a stack of barn wood pieces to use as table centerpieces for our daughter’s wedding: Using this barn wood Read More →

Wedding season is here!  Did you know the average cost of a wedding is $30,000?  Wow!  Who can afford that?  We certainly couldn’t!  So, when Nikki and Chase got married (one year ago), we looked for ways to save money.  And, low and behold, our creative ways of cutting costs also resulted in a more Read More →

Want a fun, easy, free gift for friends?  Share unwanted plants in your yard!  And, it’s a great way to recycle plant pots you get when you buy herbs, veggie starts, and other flowers. Seeds germinate in areas where you might not want them to grow.  Or, you simply don’t need 25 seedlings of the Read More →

Thanks to the research I do for our website, I discovered Andrew Olson, the One Ingredient Chef!  You gotta love this guy!  His writing is fun and his website is chock full of healthy recipes.  His One Ingredient Diet fits in perfectly with those seeking an eco-friendly lifestyle: 1) Eat foods that start out as Read More →

twig candle holder

Want an easy, fun gift for family and friends? A twig candle holder brings the outdoors into your home. Being as this is Eco Friendly Pursuit, this can also be an opportunity for nature watching and sharing the beauty of nature with others! This also makes a fun pen holder for your desk! Supplies: Glass Read More →