beeswax candle

Today I stumbled upon some directions for how to make eco friendly beeswax candles so I thought I’d share it with you all! I had heard that some types of candles are just awful for your health and the environment, and after doing some research I was actually appalled that some types of candles are Read More →

salad dressing

Take a look in your frig. How many bottles of opened salad dressing do you have? How long ago did you open them? Have they expired and need to be thrown out? Several years back, I decided to start making my own salad dressings (some of the time, not always). Not only are homemade dressings Read More →

Danger! Warning! Caution! Is this what your household cleaning product’s label says? In our post How to Make Clean, Safe and Non-Toxic Household Cleaning Products, we discussed the health and environmental risks of many household cleaners and provided recipes for a few natural homemade cleaners, many which use vinegar. My grandma, Roosh, used white distilled Read More →

tote feed bag

Perhaps you’ve seen the popular (and very chic) reusable shopping bags made from polywoven feed sacks? We chicken-raisers can make these ourselves as a way of repurposing our chicken feed bags! This easy, fun craft makes a super-sturdy shopping bag and a great gift for friends and family! A friend of mine made the one Read More →

hand soap dispenser

It is so often the little things in our lives that we so easily overlook. The everyday items we use and don’t think a wink about. It’s the little things that we use so much that they seem obsolete, we’re blinded to them, not noticing. But it’s the little things that we can do each Read More →