Today is the first official World Soil Day!  The  Global Soil Partnership of the  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations celebrates World Soil Day on December 5, 2014 in Rome, Italy.  This celebration launches the “International Year of Soils“. Soil – healthy soil – is the basis for food, feed, fuel, Read More →

Permaculture.  Interesting word – Ecofriendly living!  So, what is it?  I decided to find out – WOW!  I opened the door to a whole new perspective and a potential life-long journey! Permaculture Institute, Permaculture Principles,  a trailer video of a documentary in the works called “INHABIT – A PERMACULTURE PERSPECTIVE” (by Costa Boutsikaris) and an Organic Gardening Read More →

Hello All! I just wanted to post this amazing video I found about a family that is really putting their money where their mouth is. While not all of us can commit to this level of commitment, it is a goal that we can strive for. By doing this we are fighting back and doing Read More →


As some of you may have gathered, I have a fascination with how climate change is affecting the Polar Regions. Watching this youtube video really puts things in perspective. Something IS happening up there and the research has now been going on for long enough that this is not just the latest “cycle.” I think Read More →