Looking to make an ecofriendly difference?  Consider joining The Nature Conservancy.  Their mission:  “Conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends.”  Their slogan: “Protecting Nature, Preserving Life.”  And they are doing just that, working across the world, in over 30 countries.  Here, in the U.S., they have field offices in all 50 states. Read More →

Who’s watching out for wildlife across the globe? World Wildlife Fund is! When I told a friend I renewed my WWF membership, he mused that I must love panda bears.  I do and, yes, the Giant panda is WWF’s logo…but this organization does lots more…they climb global mountains (so to speak)!   Big job!  WWF tackles Read More →

coconut oil 1

Simplicity, diversity, magic, environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, yummy. Whatever I’m about to describe is sounding pretty good, right? Right! I’m talking about Dr Bronner’s Virgin Coconut Oil and it’s many extraordinary benefits. Coconut oil is like having your cake and eating it too. It is a good and natural product that you can lather all Read More →


With the days getting longer, there is the tiniest hint of spring in the air! Enough to make me grab a TubTrug and start cleaning out my garden. I love my Tubtrugs! I have two for the garden – one I use for mixing garden and potting soil, one for weeding, but I also use Read More →