It’s autumn —  time to pull up and compost dead garden plants, empty  planters, and store garden decor for the winter.   Yet now is also a great time to start a new garden and let nature do the work for you! Sheet mulching is a technique where you cover the ground with overlapping pieces of biodegradable material, such as cardboard, Read More →

Now there’s a chicken feed that supports the healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle we strive for!  Scratch and Peck Feed Company makes Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Soy and Canola-Oil Free feeds that are completely raw with limited processing.  Made of natural grains from organic farms, they mix these into a nutritious feed that’s not over-processed into pellets or Read More →

tote feed bag

Perhaps you’ve seen the popular (and very chic) reusable shopping bags made from polywoven feed sacks? We chicken-raisers can make these ourselves as a way of repurposing our chicken feed bags! This easy, fun craft makes a super-sturdy shopping bag and a great gift for friends and family! A friend of mine made the one Read More →

happy chicken

I pride myself in raising happy, healthy chickens. The quality of eggs from cage-free, free range chickens can’t be beat — nutritious and delicious! I equally enjoy their personalities and the conversations they have with me with a variety of clucks (e.g., they tell me they are happy to see me, but there are also Read More →