Calling all Citizen Scientists!  If you love observing and learning about nature, here’s an opportunity to learn more about bumble bees AND contribute to an important conservation project!   The Xerces Society needs your help as part of their Citizen Scientist Project — Bumble Bee Watch! We’ve discussed the importance of pollinators and provided links Read More →

Like rosemary, basil is another one of my favorite herbs!  Its fragrant, bright green leaves are most renowned for use in the Italian sauce pesto, a yummy combination of basil, pine nuts, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and garlic.  Pesto is great as a pasta sauce, sandwich spread, or to flavor salads, such as a quinoa Read More →

Want a fun, easy, free gift for friends?  Share unwanted plants in your yard!  And, it’s a great way to recycle plant pots you get when you buy herbs, veggie starts, and other flowers. Seeds germinate in areas where you might not want them to grow.  Or, you simply don’t need 25 seedlings of the Read More →

I LOVE growing herbs!  They are often hardy and can withstand our year-round cold night temperatures.  Using fresh herbs in cooking adds wonderful flavor!  Like rosemary and sage, thyme is easy to grow and good for you! 100 Best Health Foods: “The evergreen leaves of thyme have a powerful aromatic flavor and strong antioxidant action Read More →