Hey gardeners, it’s planting time.  Another fork in the road, another ecofriendly decision — which path to take — should I buy organic or conventional seeds? Three reasons to buy organic seeds (thanks to High Mowing Organic Seeds and Johnny’s Selected Seeds): Avoid chemicals — Seed crops are heavy users of synthetic agricultural chemicals.  Plants raised Read More →

Permaculture.  Interesting word – Ecofriendly living!  So, what is it?  I decided to find out – WOW!  I opened the door to a whole new perspective and a potential life-long journey! Permaculture Institute, Permaculture Principles,  a trailer video of a documentary in the works called “INHABIT – A PERMACULTURE PERSPECTIVE” (by Costa Boutsikaris) and an Organic Gardening Read More →

Now there’s a chicken feed that supports the healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle we strive for!  Scratch and Peck Feed Company makes Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Soy and Canola-Oil Free feeds that are completely raw with limited processing.  Made of natural grains from organic farms, they mix these into a nutritious feed that’s not over-processed into pellets or Read More →


On February 20, we talked about the importance of protecting pollinators and a few ways you can help in this effort. Creating a pollinator garden is one way to provide habitat and food for pollinators, while you get to enjoy beautiful flowers in your yard! Win-win! Want to get started? Here are a few free Read More →

As recent first-time homeowners, my wife and I are excited to have finally have a “real” garden. We aren’t going to go crazy or anything, but we do want to have a successful year and grow some delicious food. We are already a little sad that we will be relying a little less on the Read More →