The perfect lawn…soft, lush, green…a pleasure to walk and sit on.  But that perfect green lawn takes a lot of water, fertilizer, and chemicals to maintain in that perfect state.  According to Environmental and Human Health, Inc., there are 30 million acres of lawn in the United States and an estimated 80 million pounds of Read More →

Nature Note – Bend, Oregon, April 14, 2016.   Manzanita (man-za-nee-ta) — what a beautiful name…just rolls off the tongue.  In Spanish it means “little apple” for the miniature apple-like fruits loved by a variety of animals including bears, coyotes and foxes. Greenleaf manzanita (Arctostaphylos patula) is definitely an important spring pollinator in my neck of Read More →

Two thumbs up, Whole Foods!  Way to go!   Whole Foods Market is partnering with High Mowing Organic Seeds to sell 100,000 packets of wildflower seeds for $1.00 each and 100% of the sale price goes to The Xerces Society’s pollinator conservation efforts!  Eat Organic, Plant Wildflowers….Protect Pollinators! We’ve talked about the importance of pollinators. Read More →

Calling all Citizen Scientists!  If you love observing and learning about nature, here’s an opportunity to learn more about bumble bees AND contribute to an important conservation project!   The Xerces Society needs your help as part of their Citizen Scientist Project — Bumble Bee Watch! We’ve discussed the importance of pollinators and provided links Read More →


On February 20, we talked about the importance of protecting pollinators and a few ways you can help in this effort. Creating a pollinator garden is one way to provide habitat and food for pollinators, while you get to enjoy beautiful flowers in your yard! Win-win! Want to get started? Here are a few free Read More →