One of our goals in life is to reduce the amount of trash we create each week. I know we all pay for trash service and it just miraculously goes away each week when the truck comes, but in reality, most of it really doesn’t go away; it goes into landfills, it goes into the earth to fester. Pretty gross.

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One habit we are trying to create is buying as much bulk foods as possible. The principle reason is to decrease the amount of trash we create. Packaged goods are just bulk foods in smaller portions but wrapped up in plastic, aluminum, and materials that will end up in the ground; polluting streams, our air and the ecosystems we dwell in. Also, in general, bulk foods are a lot cheaper so it helps your wallet too.

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Photo Credit: Nina Nelson

It’s pretty fun to try to go to the grocery store and leave with nothing but FOOD. Bring your tote bags and if you wants to use plastic bags for the bulk goods, that’s okay, just keep them and reuse them every time you go to the grocery store.

This is a bit of an aside but check out this lady who is RADICAL in this area, impressive, but very time consuming I’m sure:

It seems like everyone in the world right now is obsessed with mason jars so naturally we store as much as we can in them. They look very “pinterest-y” and are pretty hardy. Print out little sticky labels and arrange them around your kitchen any way you like. Making little decisions like these really do go a long way. It sends a message to the packaging companies and manufacturers that people out in the world want something different. When we demand it, they will change; simple supply and demand.

The best site I found on bulk foods is here:

Bulk is

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