Seeking an inexpensive gift for my financially poor (student) daughter to give to friends this Christmas, we came up with this idea!  In 2013, a friend dismantled an old llama barn and kindly gave us a stack of barn wood pieces to use as table centerpieces for our daughter’s wedding:


Using this barn wood was one of  many ways we saved money on their wedding, striving to attain an eco-friendly wedding that didn’t break the bank!

A simple search on Internet led us to a sweet website called Simply Country Life which features a barn wood horsehoe candle holder project with  instructions (very clever).

Another  Internet search led me to the easiest method I’ve ever found for removing  candle wax from glass candle holdersfreeze them for several hours and the bulk of the candle wax pops right out!  Any remaining candle wax comes off easily with a gentle scrub.  Score!


Using leftover wedding votive candles and candle holders, and seasoned rustic barn wood, the candle holders turned out to be keepsakes!  Friends loved this gift, knowing it repurposed items from our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding!  Easy, fun, eco-friendly and free!


Photo of wedding table centerpiece by John Hutmacher; Top and bottom Photos by Katie Grenier

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