Thanks to the research I do for our website, I discovered Andrew Olson, the One Ingredient Chef!  You gotta love this guy!  His writing is fun and his website is chock full of healthy recipes.  His One Ingredient Diet fits in perfectly with those seeking an eco-friendly lifestyle:

1) Eat foods that start out as “one whole food” that you can hold in your hand

2) Eat plants and avoid animal products

Unlike Chase and Nikki, who are avid runners of long distances, I’m a “wogger” (my crazy term for a walk/jog).  I’ve been interval training using the method in the “Women’s Complete Guide to Running” by Jeff and Barbara Galloway and the cool Gymboss interval timer.  But, even with my slow speed and short distances, I feel depleted after I do my “wog”.  I’m not a fan of spending money on sports drinks and I cringe when I read their ingredients, so I was excited to see Andrew Olson’s homemade sports drinks recipes!  He writes: “Sports drinks are great in the sense that they provide water + sodium + carbs (which are all depleted during exercise).  The problem is that: 1) the carbs come from high fructose corn syrup, 2) they have too  much of this bad sugar, and 3) there are tons of weird chemical ingredients and colorings.  Hmm.”

So, this brilliant chef came up with a base drink mix that provides water, sodium and carbs:  3 cups of water plus 2+ tablespoons of maple syrup (to give you quick calories to sustain the workout) + 1/4 teaspoon salt (to replace the sodium lost during sweating).  He provides four recipes to get you started on  making your own sports drinks.  Today, I made the Mint Refresher.  The 100% pure maple syrup gave it an amber-color.  This was the perfect drink to replenish me after today’s walk/run session!  I can’t wait to try his other DIY homemade sports drinks!  Thank you, Andrew Olson!


Photo Credit: Katie Grenier

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