twig candle holder

Want an easy, fun gift for family and friends? A twig candle holder brings the outdoors into your home. Being as this is Eco Friendly Pursuit, this can also be an opportunity for nature watching and sharing the beauty of nature with others! This also makes a fun pen holder for your desk!

Glass jar or candle holder that has a straight (not flared or curved) side
Candle (votive or tea light work nicely; in this photo, a larger candle also worked but I prefer the smaller)
Small twigs from shrubs in your yard
Hot glue gun
Paper to make a gift tag

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1. Take a nature walk in your backyard! What shrubs do you have that might work for this twig candle holder? Do you see any birds using your shrubs?

2. Collect an assortment of small twigs. Break or cut them so they are about the height of the glass candle holder.

3. Hot glue the twigs to the candle holder. Make sure the twigs line up at the base so the candle holder sits flat.

4. Make a gift tag with a nature note on it. Here’s an example: “Lesser goldfinches and juncoes perch in native serviceberry shrub waiting for their turn at the bird bath. It provides cover and a place to scout out and make sure there are no predators.”

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