While I am not vegan, I do believe in the vegan principles and think that their position on animals is something to ponder and consider. I would never want to “go vegan” unless it was something I was absolutely positive in my heart that I wanted to commit to. At this point, I am not ready and still see the value in humanely produced milk, cheese and egg products. However, what I am beginning to do is integrate more vegan meals into our weekly rotation in order to rely more heavily on plants. Michael Pollan’s quote comes to mind, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” But I would be lying to you if I wasn’t thinking about veganism as a lifestyle. It is a very persuasive community!

So anyways, I threw together a super easy totally vegan meal last night that ended up being really really good. The recipe called it an ‘Artichoke, Green Pea, and Vegan Cheddar Pizza.’ Although there is a bit more to it than that.

Here’s the recipe:

vegan pizza instructions

My Process:

vegan pizza finished

Honestly, I was a little worried about the Daiya cheese but it ended up being delicious. Also, make sure to add a little cheese on top of all the ingredients to give the pizza a nice finished presentation. And depending on your oven, you may need to keep the pizza in for 12-14 minutes to cook the veggies all the way through. We drank a brown ale from Bitterroot Brewery to accompany the pizza, which was great. Overall, it was a great tasting, nutritious, hearty pizza!

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