Chicken Scratch and Peck

Now there’s a chicken feed that supports the healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle we strive for!  Scratch and Peck Feed Company makes Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Soy and Canola-Oil Free feeds that are completely raw with limited processing.  Made of natural grains from organic farms, they mix these into a nutritious feed that’s not over-processed into pellets or crumbles and is high in Omega-3’s.


“You are what your animals eat” (Scratch and Peck slogan) compelled me to spend a little more money and try this feed.  After all, we eat a lot of eggs!  My chickens LOVE it!   My local feed store instructed me that the fine powder in the feed is full of Omega-3’s, like fish and flax meal, so don’t throw it away.  Scratch and Peck provides feeding tips  for how to utilize these leftover fines.  It’s also important to provide grit to help the chickens digest the whole grains.


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So there you have it!  Organic, Non-GMO…another eco-friendly option to help us in our pursuit of an eco-friendly lifestyle!


Photo credits:  Katie Grenier



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