Apparently an aspen tree on my wife’s parent’s property fell during a wind storm not too long ago and aspen being what it is, my father in law decided to chop it up and save it for some day in the future when it could be used. That day had come when my wife hatched the idea over Christmas break to create something for our bedroom back home in Montana. I stayed out of this one and let them do their thing.

After an hour or so of them being in the backyard, a box full of wood was placed in my car for the return trip home. A few days later, this appeared on one of our dressers.

aspen craft

Photo Credit: J. Cook Fisher

Aspen is a really beautiful wood. It’s cool that my Father in law, Jeff, held onto it instead of throwing it in the brush pile or leaving it to rot.

Any sort of natural decor in my opinion is a good thing. It means that we are not consuming more by purchasing something we really don’t need. The goal is to simplify. Although, if you saw our house . . . you would laugh. Lets just say that our home is very small and we may be in contention for making it on the show Hoarders. Work in progress.

Fun Fact: Aspens are a primary food source for beavers. They will eat the bark, leaves, and twigs and use the branches to build their dams. See, it’s all connected.

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