Sometime’s its easy to live in the moment and only think about today. Most people do. But what if we all lived in a way that was conscientious of the future. Our children, and our children’s children need the natural world just like we do. If you think about the beautiful moments that you have experienced in nature and what those moments did for you, don’t you want future generations to be able to experience the same? Let’s not be so short sighted that we miss what is happening out there.

children in nature

Photo Credit: Wildlife Encounters

If climate change continues unchecked, sooner or later this planet is going to die. We are sucking it dry of it’s resources, pumping pollution into the atmosphere, and 7 billion people are living like there is no tomorrow.

Our message is that it is the little things in life, that you can to today, that will go a long way in making your lifestyle contribute to a sustainable planet. Sorry to be a downer, but I hope you see the opportunity in this message.

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