Today I’m going to feature my favorite “green app” for use on my iPhone. So when I moved to Montana I was shocked to find out that there wasn’t a real recycling service. When I called to set up my trash service I requested a recycling container and a glass bin like I had in Oregon. My response; silence. Alrighty then, Montanans aren’t big into recycling! So I did a little research and found out that there is recycling, you just have to do more of the leg work yourself.

recycling app

Shown here: I simply searched “recycle” in the app store, then the app used my location and gave me my nearest recycling location.

What I found was an amazing FREE app called 1-800-RECYCLING. This app helps you quickly find the recycling locations nearest you. It uses your GPS to find your current location and then pinpoints all the locations within your area. It tells you what the recycling center accepts, what it doesn’t accept, and where exactly the bins or containers are located. It even allows you to comment on the quality of the recycling center and share the information with your friends on Facebook, twitter, and other social media outlets.

recycling app 2

Here: You can see another view of all the recycling locations in my area, also (on right) you can search for locations that recycle specific materials.

This app was super super helpful to me because arriving in a new city, not knowing the lay of the land, this app gave me all my options instantly and really opened my eyes to the possibilities of recycling. Another cool thing is you can use this while traveling. Usually we are forced to just use hotel garbage cans and dusters to get rid of purchases, but with this app you can quickly find the nearest recycling location to you, do the right thing, and recycle even when you are on the road. Pretty cool.

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