lentil soup

I love making soup. With the crazy weather our country is having, there’s nothing like migrating back home in the evening, lighting a candle, and enjoying a warm bowl of soup. Here is one of my favorite lentil recipes. The combination of fresh sage, dry sherry and cumin make this a most delicious (and easy) soup!


Photo Credit: Maggie Hoffman

One of the “100 Best Health Foods” (by Love Food), lentils are a very rich source of fiber, both insoluble and soluble, which helps protect us against cancer and cardiovascular disease. Lentils are rich in B vitamins, folate and all major minerals, particularly iron and zinc. As we strive to eat a more plant-based diet, consider adding lentils to your weekly diet.

lentil soup final 2

lentil soup

A good quality soup pot is such an important tool for your kitchen! From a pot bottom that won’t burn easy to the shape of it…it makes the difference in comfortably making a healthy pot of soup! Also, if you are looking for good organic lentils to work with, try Handy Pantry Brand Organic Red Lentils Bon Appetite!

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