The use of hand sanitizer is absolutely booming around the world. You can find it in dispensers for free at public use airports, grocery stores, bus stations, bowling alleys, parks, schools, and gyms. People also buy it by the bucket load. Most keep a bottle in their home and a bottle in their car.

A few concerns to be aware of about over the counter hand sanitizers:

First, triclosan, which is an active ingredient can not only be harmful to your body but also the environment. Studies have shown that in nursing women who overuse hand sanitizers, usually because of fear of getting their babies sick, triclosan has actually been found in their breast milk! Concerns about the safety of triclosan have prompted the Food and Drug Administration to conduct new risk assessments and may call for greater restrictions of triclosan’s use in hand sanitizer.

Triclosan is also finding it’s way into our lakes, streams, and oceans. One-third of the bottle nose dolphins tested off the coast of South Carolina and almost one-quarter of those tested off the Florida coast carried significant traces of triclosan in their blood.

Finally, because hand sanitizer is something the people generally take on the go, they have little plastic bottles of the stuff everywhere. I can’t believe how tiny some of these bottles are! You might get 10 uses out of them, and then they end up in the landfill.

So I did some searching and found a great homemade hand sanitizer. You can find a cute little bottle, make a large batch of sanitizer that is not hurting our environment, and refill your bottle as needed.

hand sanitizer homemade

Photo Credit: The Dabblist

I found a few different recipes, but the best contained vodka as the germ killing agent but then it utilized a variety of essential oils to avoid that dried out feeling that most people get after they use over the counter sanitizers. You can play around with different oils and natural fragrances to find your perfect recipe. And who knows, maybe you can start selling it at your local farmers market!

Here is my favorite recipe:

The Dabblist: Homemade Hand Sanitizer

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