Believe or not, the time to start seeds indoors for your spring/summer garden is coming right up! To get an exact date, you must know when the last expected frost date is in your areas; in other words, when the temperature is supposed to stop dipping below 32 degrees fahrenheit. Click here to find roughly what your frost date is: National Weather Service. Once you know your date, you can look at the seed packets to see exactly how long before the frost date you need to start your seeds. Or you can reference this list of plants. So I live in Missoula, Montana (expected last frost: May 15) which gives me a little more time to start my seedlings than most. But if you look at the list, some of the spices and herbs take 12-14 weeks! So it’s pretty much time for me to get started.

toilet paper roll seedling

Photo Credit: Stacie

So the purpose of this post is to give you an eco friendly way to make seedling starters. It’s always great to repurpose and reuse everything you can around your house. So someone came up, not me, with this brilliant idea to start their seedlings in toilet paper rolls. Now I’m no craftsman but these pictures make the concept look pretty simple. But, if directions are needed, go to Edible Garden Kitty for the play by play.


Photo Credit: Stacie

I hope this information helped! Check out your frost date, plan out the veggies you want to plan, and start saving those toilet paper rolls!

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