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Winter is a whole lot more fun when you take the time to enjoy fun stuff like snowshoeing! Like running (February 13th post), snowshoeing is another eco-friendly sport because it’s powered by YOU and not reliant on fossil fuels or destroying the natural environment. Apart from just getting out into the wild for some good ole adeventure, gives us a few other reasons: “For health and fitness benefits, snowshoeing is great for you. It provides a cardio workout while also building strength, agility, balance and endurance. The best part is, you get to do it all in the beautiful outdoors!”


REI (a consumer cooperative which we are proud to be members of!) lists 5 reasons why snowshoeing, which got started years ago as a mode of transportation, has evolved into a popular winter activity for recreation and fitness:

1. It’s fun
2. It’s easy
3. It’s inexpensive
4. It’s a good workout
5. It’s versatile

I love snowshoeing because I can go places that would be difficult for me to ski…such as over and around trees, or up through the trees to get that oh-so beautiful view.

If you’re considering taking up snowshoeing, check out local sporting good stores to get information on snowshoe trails in your area and learn about equipment. If you yearn to sit and read on these cold winter nights, you might enjoy this easy-to-read, illustrated book Basic Illustrated Snowshoeing, which covers topics from selecting snowshoes, poles, equipment to carry on your trek, and safety considerations.

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