kitchen sink smoothie

Like the kitchen sink veggie stir fry, I love to make a “Kitchen Sink Smoothie”! Don’t worry about the color of this healthy, nutritious smoothie – just focus on the fact that you’ll easily get the daily recommended amount of healthy and nutritious fruits and veggies (likely even more!) and you’ll save money (and ultimately fossil fuels) by using up food in your fridge!

In our post about the benefits of juicing, we gave the top four reasons to juice and provided a few recipes. Keep in mind that you don’t need a recipe. You can use just about any combination of fruit and veggies in your smoothie (or juice – whatever you want to call it)! Here’s an example of the smoothie I made today using ingredients already on hand:

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Katie’s Kitchen Sink Smoothie

Mandarin Orange
Red Pepper
Swiss Chard
Red Cabbage
Frozen blueberries (frozen foods go in towards the top)
Frozen raspberries
Squeeze lemon and lime (I don’t put the rinds in the blender)
5-6 ice cubes

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