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Rosemary is one of our favorite herbs! 100 Best Health Foods says this pungent herb can fight the symptoms of colds and flu and help prevent diseases of aging. “Rosemary is a memory and brain booster, has strong antioxidant activity, contains antibacterial properties, can be used as a general tonic, and may help with depression.” Amazing herb!


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I often use rosemary in oven-roasted vegetables. Cut up vegetables such as onions, carrots, yams, potatoes and red pepper. In a large bowl, toss the veggies with some olive oil, kosher salt and fresh chopped rosemary or crushed up dried rosemary. (A Mortor and Pestle works great for this!). Put veggies in a roasting or baking pan in the oven. Cook at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes. Toss veggies halfway through.

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I find rosemary to be easy to grow in a pot in a sunny spot in my yard. I do start with a large fresh plant each year from a nursery because I find it struggles to survive our cold frigid winter nights. I pot it up and start harvesting fresh rosemary right away. My rosemary plants lasts all summer and into the fall. This year, I harvested branches of rosemary right before Thanksgiving, put them in a glass container that I placed in the dehydrator in the refrigerator. Here it is February…and I’m still using this rosemary in oven-roasted veggies!

By the way, my favorite garden tool for potting my plants is the Garden Works Soil Scoop. Its sharp tip and serrated sides come in handy for creating planting holes, scooping potting soil around plants, digging small trenches to plant seeds, and breaking up roots of root-bound nursery plants before planting in pots. This is a great functional tool to have in your garden tool box!

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