Hey gardeners, it’s planting time.  Another fork in the road, another ecofriendly decision — which path to take — should I buy organic or conventional seeds?

Three reasons to buy organic seeds (thanks to High Mowing Organic Seeds and Johnny’s Selected Seeds):

  1. Avoid chemicals — Seed crops are heavy users of synthetic agricultural chemicals.  Plants raised for their seeds are in the ground longer and have less chemical restrictions than food crops UNLESS they are “certified organic” — which means the seeds must have been grown, harvested, stored and handled in accordance with the rules and procedures outlined by the USDA National Organic Program.
  2. Better Adapated — Seed produced organically will yield plants that are more adapted to, and more likely to thrive under, organic growing conditions.
  3. Increase Availability — Increased demand will lead to an increase in variety selection and development, and an increased availability of more organic seed

To be honest, I had’t given it a lot of thought until now.  I strive to only buy and grow organic produce…so why not also buy organic vegetable seeds?  Seems plausible that non-organically-grown seeds could have been sprayed during their life cycle.  In addition to High Mowing Organic Seeds and Johnny’s Selected Seeds mentioned above, there are other great seed companies that offer organic seeds such as Seeds of Change, Territorial Seeds, and Botanical Interests (who, by the way, have all kinds of details on the inside of their seed packet including the artist who does their beautiful illustrations).



Very excited about this!  Question, research, learn, and act.  That’s really what ecofriendly is all about…learning and making small changes that add up to big cumulative changes!






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