single cup coffee system

Photo Credit: Timothy Boyd

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. When you think about it, reducing waste has the biggest impact and should be our first line of defense! So, for those of us trying to reduce our waste, we’re disturbed by the waste created by single cup coffee systems (also called the single use coffee pod system).

Tired of coffee makers being left on all night and/or staff forgetting to clean the coffee maker, some local offices are switching from traditional coffee makers to single cup coffee systems. I’ve stayed at motels where this is the coffee option in your hotel room. These individual plastic “pods” are a plastic mesh filter basket filled with coffee grounds in a plastic cup and sealed with a plastic and foiled lid. The single cup machines then pierce the lid and the bottom of the capsule and flush hot water through to produce one cup of coffee. But turns out these pods are not recyclable and end up in the trash.

single cup coffee

Photo Credit: Randy

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If you happen to work in an office that uses this type of coffee brewing system, you can purchase a reusable filter basket and use your own coffee. These reusable coffee filters work if: 1) you get the right model to fit your machine; and 2) you learn how to use it (i.e., you may have to remove an inner piece in the coffee maker in order to fit in your filter. I’ve done a little research to help you out and here are few models to consider:

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