hand soap dispenser

It is so often the little things in our lives that we so easily overlook. The everyday items we use and don’t think a wink about. It’s the little things that we use so much that they seem obsolete, we’re blinded to them, not noticing. But it’s the little things that we can do each day that accumulate to make a greater difference in this world that we live in.

One so simple and yet so brilliant thing we can do in our average everyday life is change the hand soap we’re using. Instead of flushing unknown chemicals down our drains every time we need to wash our hands, we can choose to do it with care to our planet and to our skin. When you think about it, we always (or hopefully always) use biodegradable soaps, shampoos, etc… while camping. Because we can literally see the soapy bubbles flow off us and into the river or lake in which we stand. But why wouldn’t we always use that same gentle and safe soap? Even in the luxury of our own home? Just because we don’t see or feel the water or earth that is soaking up our soap from us, doesn’t mean it just disappears. Gone from the world. No, it’s there, somewhere. As John Muir said, “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

hand soap dispenser

So instead, we can use healthy soap that we can feel good about! To add to that, a great and easy way to decrease the wasting of plastic soap dispensers (and to beautify your home) is to invest in Reusable Mason Jar Soap Dispenser. Such as these mason jar ones that will last a lifetime (pictures). Doing this allows you to buy soap in bulk, which is always better, and like I mentioned, your sink areas are going to thank you for the style as well.

My choice of soap is the Earth Friendly Organic Lavender Hand Soap. There are no animal products in the soap, no testing done on animals, it’s made in the U.S. (less travel resources used to get it to my home), it comes in handy refill containers that are 100% recyclable, and it’s effective, safe, and oh so green! Like I said before, it’s the little things ☺

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