Large heads of parsley can be a handful to use up!

Parsley.  Often a garnish on the side of your plate.  Whoa!  Parsley deserves to be center stage!  The leaves are a good source of vitamin C, iron, potassium, folate, lutein and zeaxanthin (the latter two prevent macular degeneration).  It even purifies your breath!  (Thank you 100 Best Health Foods for putting the spotlight on its health benefits).  Fresh parsley adds flavor to salads, stir fries,etc.

If you’re a CSA Member (Community Supported Agriculture), you’ll likely get a beautiful bounty of green parsley. Here’s two awesome ways to preserve parsley for later use:

Parsley Pesto – Substitute parsley for basil in any pesto recipe.  You can freeze it in small mason jam jars (great gifts!) or in ice cube trays (then pop out the frozen cubes and put in freezer bags).

Freeze parsley pesto and enjoy throughout the year! (Photo by Katie Grenier)

Frozen Parley Logs –  A Way to Garden shows how to freeze parsley, chives and other herbs.  LOVE these frozen parsley logs!  I simply chop off a tablespoon or two to use in winter soups.

Frozen parsley logs – super easy way to freeze fresh parsley! (Photo by Katie Grenier)

Super effective, ecofriendly action —  use all your food and not waste it.  You’ll save money and reduce the amount of food you buy, ultimately reducing resource consumption.

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