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Photo Credit: Sweet on Veg

Super excited to share this incredibly delicious vegan dish with all of you. Millet is something new for me but I’m so happy I found it! Millet is an ancient seed, originally cultivated in the dry climates of Africa and northern China. There are many varieties of millet; the primary types are called pearl, foxtail, proso, and finger. Yellow proso is the kind most often found pre-packaged or in bulk bins at health food stores.

Photo Credit: Yi Chen

Photo Credit: Yi Chen

There is a misconception that millet is only for the birds. That’s not true! It is actually very high in protein, fiber, iron, B vitamins, manganese, phosphorus, and magnesium – and also it is highly alkaline, making it easily digestible and soothing to the stomach.

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Finally, make sure that you purchase domestic millet. A lot of brands are grown overseas but there is actually a large amount of production in Colorado and South Dakota. So until Millet is grown all over the states, those are the most “local” we can do. One awesome brand I know of can be found here: Great River Organic Milling

The recipe for the image above can be found here:

Sweet on Veg: Vegan Millet Dish

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