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It is still winter, or a mixture of winter and spring (going from extreme blizzard, “I can’t get out of my driveway” conditions to now sun, shorts running weather and birds chirping) but there is much to do in terms of planning ahead for the hopefully bountiful garden that will feed us this summer!

Today I went to our local organic gardening store, Garden City Garden Supply, just down the road from our home. I was aware that the time is nearing to make a move, buy some seeds, and start getting that feeling of dirt under the nails that is oh so cherished. Due to the fact that we live in a shaded valley and that even if we had ideal window sills for our seedlings to bloom and be happy in, they still would not get enough light to start them out on the right track. So I bought a miracle seed starter dome kit (keeps the little guys refreshed and saturated in their oxygen) and a fluorescent light that they shall bask under gloriously while they grow. These items were inexpensive and I think they’re going to make a BIG difference (that could just be from my optimistic and giddy-that-summer’s-almost-here-kind-of nature, but we’ll find out! 🙂

For a better look at the process…

seed starter kit

seed starter kit

seed starter kit 3

seed starter kit

I also purchased a couple of Johnny’s Seeds seed packets, which come highly recommended from our organic gardening store. The owner of the store only sells seeds that do particularly well here in Montana, which happens to be at the same latitudinal position as Maine where Johnny’s Seeds are. Convenient! I bought seeds that do well when started earlier than most plants, such as tomatoes (Oregon Spring and Black Cherry varieties), bell peppers (Yankee Bell), and onions (a yellow hybrid called Cortland). I’m taking baby steps now, trying to think of our 6-ish month plan. We’ll begin with these that I bought today as well as basil, sage, and oregano, then eventually we may move on to starting pumpkins and squashes in a month or so and will then try to plant our carrots/ lettuce/ zucchini/ peas, etc directly into our garden. We’ll see how it goes! (PS- we’re always open to any advice from readers too! AKA help us!)

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Once I returned home, it was a little more challenging to find a space for the light and plant dome than I had originally thought, but we happen to have a perfect little nook built in under our TV (hopefully Chase doesn’t mind that I had to rearrange some furniture to make this happen…shhh) but at least our little ones will be tucked in for any remaining cold weather. ~Nikki

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