Photo Credit: Katie Dixon

Our mountain is waiting — we can all make a difference to preserve our environment! We hope you will join us this week and pledge to do one (even just one) random act of environmental kindness. One more small step toward a more eco-friendly life….

A few ideas to get us on our way:

1. Walk or ride your bike to at least one place.

2. Buy a stainless steel coffee travel mug and give to a friend who loves to get coffee-to-go. Include a note about how they can help reduce the amount of waste by carrying their own to-go cup.

3. Buy a Lunchskin and give it to a friend with a few goodies inside (carrots, tortilla chips, apple slices, maybe even chocolate!) and a note about how they can make a difference even if they save just one plastic bag each day (that’s 365 fewer plastic bags in the landfill!).

4. Send a link to a friend about the importance of pollinators and how they can make a difference.

5. Take a “Navy Shower.” This is a method of showering that allows for significant conservation of water and energy. An initial thirty seconds or so are used to get wet, followed by soap and lather without running water, which is then rinsed off in a minute or less. The total time for the water being on is typically under two minutes.

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Each action we take makes a difference! We thank you for joining us in our pursuit of an eco-friendly lifestyle! Our mountain is waiting, so…let’s get on our way!

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