garden journal

As recent first-time homeowners, my wife and I are excited to have finally have a “real” garden. We aren’t going to go crazy or anything, but we do want to have a successful year and grow some delicious food. We are already a little sad that we will be relying a little less on the local farmers market, but there will still be plenty of foods that we won’t be able to grow ourselves.

Our current plan is to utilize the square foot gardening method that I wrote about in January. This will definitely be a learning year, so keeping good records will help us remember which veggies did well (or not). Nikki received an Moleskine Garden Journal from a friend a few months back that we definitely intend to use. The goal is to use the journal to record our plant’s bloom cycles, track seed progress from germination to bloom, record when and what we purchased and from whom, diagram our garden, list our favorite tools, container plants, and any other miscellaneous info that we learn along the way. Keeping a journal will help us track our successes and failures and help refine our techniques so we get the most out of our garden!

This specific journal is packed with really interesting stuff: tree descriptions, plant leaf shape types, plant maturity dimensions and hardiness zone maps. It is also tabbed with pages for entering plant specific success/failures, space for tool descriptions that you used that worked great, pages for designing the layout of your garden, pages for “visits” to other gardens so you can write down and remember the aspects of other peoples gardens, and lots of blank pages for keeping notes on anything else under the sun. It also includes hundreds of little stickers that help keep track of everything related to your garden. Sometimes, a journal is just the inspiration you need to take on a new project, we’re hoping that’s the case for us!

We are setting the bar very low this year. If I taste just one juicy tomato that was created by our labor (and with the help of the earth), I’ll be happy. It’s a learning year for sure. We hope to track our progress as we go and post pictures of our victories and failures. We would love any tips or advice (post on our facebook, twitter, or pinterest pages) for “first timers.” Thanks!

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