tote feed bag

Perhaps you’ve seen the popular (and very chic) reusable shopping bags made from polywoven feed sacks? We chicken-raisers can make these ourselves as a way of repurposing our chicken feed bags! This easy, fun craft makes a super-sturdy shopping bag and a great gift for friends and family! A friend of mine made the one in the picture above for me using leftover wool fabric for the handles and a super comfortable grip. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you might enlist the help of a neighbor or friend. And, if you don’t have chickens, ask someone who raises them if you can have their feed bags.

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I found directions for making these cool tote bags at Backyard Poultry Magazine and Instructables websites. Guess what my friends are getting for Christmas this year? We’ll all feel great about repurposing something that normally goes in the garbage. Happy sewing!

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