FloWorks Design Bag Dryer on Amazon.com

A seemingly simple, yet very innovative device, the FloWorks Design Bag & Bottle Dryer is an effective tool for drying reusable bags!

Made in Canada with reclaimed wood from furniture makers, use it it on your countertop or hang it.  It doesn’t take up much space  (14 inches tall and, when open, 7.25 inches wide) and folds up for easy storage.  The center column can be used to dry reusable water bottles.

I use this bag dryer to dry my Planet Wise bags and Lunchskins.  I first lay a dish towel on the counter — one of my special keepsake ones, like one from France that my daughter gave me — and stand my bag dryer on top of it.

One of my favorite companies, reuseit, demonstrates how to use the FloWorks Design Bag & Bottle Dryer:

The right tool for the job makes all the difference in the world… and this bag dryer is the right tool for washing and hang-drying your reusable bags.  Definitely worth the investment!   Another useful tool in our ecofriendly journey to reduce, reuse, recycle!

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