Plastic bags are becoming more and more of an annoyance for me. Did you know that if you tied all the plastic bags that Americans use each year into one giant chain, it could circle the world 64 times?

Most European countries, usually the leaders in environmental initiates, are actually now taxing grocery stores up to 15% for use of plastic bags. This was such a heavy burden that plastic bag usage has gone down by roughly 90%! That’s amazing. I mean, I think if every American just knew that they had to bring in their own reusable tote bags, this problem of plastic would cease to exist. But as it is now, with grocery store checkers giving out plastic bags like crazy, it’s only going to get worse.

So today I am featuring one way we can help solve this problem while we wait for politicians to pass a nationwide bill banning plastic bags.You can help by making something awesome out of your millions of plastic bags laying around your house. Another thing that would be awesome would be to ask your friends for ALL of their plastic bags so you can take on a big project and make an even bigger impact. This would also help you open up dialogue with people in your community to start shifting public opinion about plastic.

Here are some really cool creations made from plastic from artists all around the world fighting for a common cause:

plastic kills 1

Photo Credit: Charclam, Photo Credit: klgarbutt

plastic kills

Photo Credit: Rose Academy

If you end up creating anything with plastic bags, take pictures along the way, and we’ll post it here on our blog.

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