Ride the lawn!

Photo Credit: Adam Farnsworth

My husband loves lawn. He enjoys the feel of it, look of it…just everything about it. I’m just the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I do like a patch of lawn to sit on. But, I’d gladly tear out most of it and opt for landscapes that needs less water and have much greater biodiversity. I’d put in a few courtyard-type sitting spots framed by flower gardens.

As spring arrives, it’s time for our annual “battle of the lawn”. It’ become comical but we’re both very serious in our desires and no doubt the battle will continue this year! I had to buy my husband the clever, hilarious song, Ride the Lawn, by musician Dana Lyon.

But, five years ago, my husband took a major step forward to maintaining a more eco-friendly lawn. He stopped using synthetic fertilizers and switched to organic fertilizers. He set his lawn mower higher, opting for taller grass. The results are fantastic! We now have earthworms in our yard that were never here before! The earthworms aerate our yard saving us annual rental costs and labor. Our lawn is healthier and American Robins (and my chickens) love catching earthworms! Sometimes living an eco friendly lifestyle is just taking one small step here and there; soon these small steps add up to miles!

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