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Simplicity, diversity, magic, environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, yummy. Whatever I’m about to describe is sounding pretty good, right? Right! I’m talking about Dr Bronner’s Virgin Coconut Oil and it’s many extraordinary benefits. Coconut oil is like having your cake and eating it too. It is a good and natural product that you can lather all over your body, making the rough, dry, wintery skin feel revived and hydrated. AND it is completely edible, used in everything from stir-frys, to sauces, to baking. It’s an all around problem solver.

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If you buy an organic brand of it, such as Dr. Bronner’s Magic “All-One!” Fair Trade & Organic Coconut Oil, you’re supporting a greater cause. This brand uses Serendipol certified fair trade organic coconut oil from Sri Lanka and kicks back a percentage of the profits full circle, back into the community of family farmers that provide our coconut oil. Compost is supplied to farmers to improve soil fertility, they’re paid well, and funds even go towards community needs such as medical supplies for local hospitals.

This is quite an impressive, thought out, and sustainable process, something anyone can feel good about supporting. The fatty acids imbedded in this oil are said to improve cardiovascular health as well as decreasing cholesterol and often it is used as an energy supplement. There are TONS of uses for it, you can find 101 in fact by visiting Wellness Mama’s blog.

I have used it only in two ways thus far but wait in anxious anticipation to try new things with this magic potion. It is in my shower in the form of body scrub​, as well as kept in my bathroom cabinet for emergency dry skin days (AKA every day in a Montana winter…). It seriously makes my skin feel like a million bucks. Oily at first, then soaking into the cracks and crevices that are my worn out hands and feet. My lips thank me profusely for the TLC. Even my nails react positively to it, they glisten as if I just painted a clear coat of polish on them. Love yourself and get a bottle now: Virgin Coconut Oil . Simply lush and divine.​ ~Nikki.

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