What:  Free online permaculture class When: October 31 – November 27, 2016 Oregon State University is launching a huge public education project – Intro to Permaculture – a free permaculture design course that covers the foundations of the permaculture design system in 4 weeks.  Participants need to plan on 12-16 hours of engagement in this Read More →

Ever hear the saying: “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”?  Well, in this case, an apple a day might remind us to take good care of our available food-producing land!  A long time ago (in the 70’s?) someone came up with an idea to use an apple to demonstrate that our world has Read More →

Permaculture.  Interesting word – Ecofriendly living!  So, what is it?  I decided to find out – WOW!  I opened the door to a whole new perspective and a potential life-long journey! Permaculture Institute, Permaculture Principles,  a trailer video of a documentary in the works called “INHABIT – A PERMACULTURE PERSPECTIVE” (by Costa Boutsikaris) and an Organic Gardening Read More →