Terrariums are amazing little worlds. I think the coolest thing about them is that they remind you of the natural world when you are in a not so natural place. You can be working on the 45th floor of the Sears Tower in Downtown Chicago, but if you have a terrarium at your desk you can still have that sense of wonder, which creates a desire to go into the wild natural world.

terrarium final 1

Photo Credit: ciera holzenthal

They make me wants to go explore new lands in the Amazon, or escape into the Mountains of the Pacific Northwest where I grew up. They make me want to brush my hands against wild thick ultra-green moss and rub soil from the earth on my hands.

terrarium final 2

Photo Credit: Erin

You can create your own little world, with or without human characters. You can play God for a little while and craft your world of soil and living things. Terrariums can be really beautiful things that even the most browned of thumbs can create. One of the main draws of terrariums is that they are good for people who love plants but do not have the time or don’t actually even enjoy full-scale gardening.

terrarium final 3

Photo Credit: Eli Christman

If you take this project on, remember, you’re trying to create a microclimate; that’s what separates a terrarium from a flowerpot. You have to be sensitive to the amount of moisture the terrarium gets and the amount of sunlight it receives. But as you learn, and really get your green little world going, your terrarium will be so beautiful that it can change your life and the lives of those that live in your home. Enjoy.

The best site I found for learning the basics of making your own terrarium is here:

Sprout Home

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