To-Go Ware Bamboo

Ambassadors of Change!  That’s what we are each time we carry our reusable products, demonstrating to others how easy it is to make the pledge to rid our lives of disposable items!  I take pride in pulling out my Lunch Skins at work, carrying  my own reusable coffee mug on the go, and drinking from my Hydroflask water bottle.  Thanks to another creative company called To-Go Ware, we can now opt to carry our own reusable, eco friendly utensils!


“Our planet isn’t disposable so why should forks, spoons, knives or chopsticks be” asks To-Go Ware.  “We’ve got our travel mugs and our reusable shopping bags.  How about a bamboo utensil set to round out the perfect toolkit for life on the go?”  To-Go Ware packs these utensils in their own carrying case (made from recycled plastic) with a handy carabiner on the back that lets you clip and carry it.


As To-Go Ware aptly states: “Reduce your fork print” and carry a set of To-Go Ware utensils!  Yet another small step on our eco friendly journey!  Bon Appetite!


Photo Credits:  White plastic fork by Lenore Edman; To-Go Ware set by Katie Grenier


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