Today is the first official World Soil Day!  The  Global Soil Partnership of the  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations celebrates World Soil Day on December 5, 2014 in Rome, Italy.  This celebration launches the “International Year of Soils.

wsdlogo_upd_enSoil – healthy soil – is the basis for food, feed, fuel, and fiber production and for services to ecosystems and human well-being.  It is the reservoir for at least 1/4 of global biodiversity.  Soils play a key role in the supply of clean water and resilience to floods and droughts.  We need soil and soil degradation, loss due to development, and erosion are threatening this vital resource.

A few cool soil facts:

  • 95% of our food comes from soil
  • If we sustainably manage our soil resource, we could produce up to 58% more food!
  • Soil teems with life — soils host 1/4 of our planet’s biodiversity!
  • There are more organisms in one tablespoon of healthy soil than there are people on earth!

From December 5th through December 12th, the Documentary Symphony of the Soil will be streamed for FREE!  This new documentary by Deborah Koons Garcia, director of The Future of Food, is an artistic exploration of the miraculous substance, soil.  Filmed on four continents and featuring scientists, farmers, ranchers, activists, policy makers, historians, and entrepreneurs, this documentary highlights the possibilities of healthy soil creating healthy plants creating healthy humans living on a healthy planet!

Learn more about the functions of soil and the hazards facing this precious resource.  What can you do?  One simple thing you can do is to compost (including worm composting) and inspire/teach others to do this simple act of ecofriendly kindness.


Graphics from The Global Soil Partnership

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